Hair Threading

hair threading, eye brow waxing

The phenomenon of hair threading is growing pretty fast as a styling technique of choice amongst the urban community. I first learned about the technique from some friends, and when I read a recent post from Afrobella, I thought to share what I know about the process.

What is threading? (from Pantagraph)

This is a natural technique using cotton thread to remove unwanted body hair. It’s most often used for eyebrows, and other areas of the face.

• The threader unwinds a piece of thread, creating a circle and interior hoop, twisting that.

• The threader holds the midpoint of the thread with his/her teeth, and two other points with each hand, creating a tight triangle of crisscrossed thread.

• If the eyebrow is the area being shaped, the client uses both hands to pull skin above and below the eye taut.

• The threader then rolls the twisted part of the thread along the surface of the skin, using a back-and-forth rhythm, and appropriate use of tension, to create a scissoring effect, entwining the hairs and lifting those from the follicles. The precision method allows the stylist to remove a single hair or an entire line of hair. The process takes about five to 10 minutes.

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