My Interview with the Mixed Chicks

Recently I was invited to meet Kim and Wendi, the founder of Mixed Chicks at a mixer in West Hollywood. Talk about gracious and down to earth women. I was nervous, but they made me feel right at home. I don’t know about you but the pressure of speaking in front of a camera is indescribable. Anyways, their product is highly recommended for many woman of mixed ethnicities, but don’t take my word, read other reviews on the net.

As a stylist I can give all aspiring stylist one piece of advice that has served me well. Stay versatile and continue to learn. What I am really saying is that hair comes in many grades and textures. If you don’t learn how to style various styles, you will limit your potential range of clients.

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  1. Alan Kelly says:

    I visited and viewed your video there on MixedChicks founders.

    Re: “my instructional videos”

    Do you want to put in the captions so deaf people can “get it” too? I just learned that the ASL (American Sign Language) or variants thereof is the THIRD most used language in the United States?

    I believe it?

    So, can captions help your “instructional videos”

    Putting captions on videos is pretty easy.

    That’s it – thanks for reading.

    Alan, owner/operator

  2. Kris says:

    We shot this video at Tara home, located at 7556 Melrose in West Hollywood.

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