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They say that ignorance is bliss. After many happy (and dare I say, naive) years with an electric flat iron that I purchased a couple of years ago, it was time to replace it due to the fact it had ran its course. Recently I have spent some significant time in the South, after living in Southern California all my life, and I was introduced to “Mr. Southern Humidity” . What does that mean for all of you who have never been able to feel this thick moisture on a hot summer day?It means that if you have naturally curly kinky or anything but straight hair it can be close to impossible for you to have your hair straight after you walk out of your front door. No disrespect to my natural sisters, but sometimes I like to wear my hair straight, no chemicals of course! I was tired of this humidity making me look like I just picked out my natural/Afro. So with all that said I am sure that you can only imagine why I needed a high performing flat iron.

fhi.jpgI wanted something in the range of $100-$200, with a dependable track record and plenty of moisturizing heat. I wanted to make sure that I could use it on my daughter and have it take 30 min or less. Again nothing wrong with wearing your hair natural, but there are a couple of times a year when I style my daughter’s hair different. I wanted a flat iron that would not dry out my hair, I wanted a flat iron that was easily cleaned and didn’t pull out my hair as I was using it. So I did my research, I read reviews for the FHI Heat SE and it hailed as a champion of its class.

I researched the FHI Heat Special Edition because I appreciated its many features:

  • It was able to reach temperatures between 140° – 450°
  • It combines distinct Nano technologies (Nano Ti + Nano Tio + Nano Ag) for cleansing and purifying to leave hair healthier, shinier and more vibrant.
  • The plates were treated with Tourmaline to enhance the condition of the hair
  • Beveled ceramic plates with 3 baked layers that can flip, twist, straighten and curl (and trust me I have done all of the above with this product!)
  • It can also be used on wet or dry hair (I am not one for straightening my hair while it is wet.The sizzling reminds me too much of my youth when my mother use to press my hair with a straightening comb that she had sitting on a stoveJ)
  • Oh and yes ladies and gents it is cute to boot!I mean who wants to use an ugly iron.It makes me look and feel more professional while it gets the job done.

So I went online and meet with the good people of where I was allowed to test out my own FHI Heat Special Edition. I can say with a happy face that I have used it on all types of human hair.I have used it on hair bought from my local beauty supply store store. I have used it on my daughter’s naturally kinky hair and I have used it on my own hair and no matter what trials this flat iron has encountered it has held its own as a true champion and I am excited to say that I am a proud owner of a FHI flat iron and I will be until the end.

Excellent for the hair novice or connoisseur, easy to use and nice to look at, and in my opinion it does hair better than some more expensive machines I’ve tried! If you have a product or service that you would like reviewed, please contact

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