Carols Daughter-Mimosa Hair Honey

mimosa hair honey

Carols Daughter-Mimosa Hair Honey


If you want your hair to shine, bounce and smell WONDERFUL, you’ve got to try Mimosa Hair Honey. Naturally colored with annatto seeds and alkanet root, this product controls frizzies and adds luster to all types of hair, while delivering a sweet citrus scent. While faithfully used by our customers with natural styles, this is also an excellent pomade for permed hair. Controls frizziness and adds luster.

This description from the website is very accurate. I have a lot of fine hair that is in transition. I used this product when my hair was completely relaxed and straight, and also curly. A little goes a long way and I’m able to use it everyday. This is the only Carols Daughters product that has worked for me so far. The rest weighed my fine hair down

This herbal-infused pomade controls frizzies and adds luster to all types of hair while imparting a sweet citrus scent. With protective alkanet root and annatto seeds for color, this pomade tames and softens permed hair to perfection. (I couldn’t find the actual ingredients on the site).

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