Does Beyonce have digital virtiligo?

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I know I may be late, but I was on vacation so get off my back!

But in case you missed it, can you believe how far Loreal went to lighten Beyonce’s skin in their ads in the September issues of Elle, Allure and Essence magazines?  The Associated Press reported,

Cosmetics giant L’Oréal says it didn’t lighten Beyoncé’s skin tone in an ad.

“We highly value our relationship with [Beyoncé]. It is categorically untrue that L’Oréal Paris altered [her] features or skin tone in the campaign for Feria hair color,” the Paris-based company said Thursday.

Personally, as a woman of color, rich color at that I find it amazing that beauty in 2008 is still highly Eurocentric.  I wonder how this will be played out should Michele Obama become the country’s first woman of color.   I am not here to hate on anyone, but I will say that it is important to love the person you see in the mirror.  Even if that person pimps themselves out to make a few more million. I mean her camp had no comment?  No comment!  If you can’t say anyting nice, don’t say anything at all.

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  1. V. says:

    As a model I know that many times there are BRIGHT LIGHTS on you. And the Beyonce photo to me CLEARLY looks like just very strong and direct lighting causing her to appear WASHED OUT! I am the same tone as her (a tad lighter actually) and I have sometimes looked orange, sometimes red, and sometimes beige in shoots where NOTHING was done to alter my skin tone!

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