Brandy Pro 10 Hair

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I am very happy about the Brandy Pro 10 hair but I am always curious why people who have a hair line.. I mean I want to see them wearing their hair out.  And I don’t think that this is her Pro 10 hair….  But that’s okay because I like Brandy.  She has been a hair icon for many years.  I think we all wanted to be “Down” when Brandy was rocking her micros or “Brandy Braids” Like I use to call them.  Keep doing your thang Brandy I am not mad at you!

3 Responses to “Brandy Pro 10 Hair”

  1. Yaya says:

    I used Pro 10 hair in the past its garbage. I bought the Yaki Straight 14″ and it was always tangled. They you can curl which you can but after a while the hair was nappy at the end of my bang. I was constantly washing my sew in just so the hair would be straight again. I also tries the bohemian curl it was a hot mess the next day. I covered my hair with a net a bonnet. I would not recommend this hair to anyone.

  2. Dea says:

    I have in the bohemian right now bc I have natural hair and thought it wouldblend in well with my hair if i left th front out–which most ppl have to do with weaving. Well, i paid all that money to get it sewed in (though the hair itself is cheap) and it looked so synthtic. My cousin, who has tried it before said to give it two days that way it doesnt look su new and fake. I slept on it for two days and it looks great. I’d reccomend it to ppl who have natural hair and want to blend it in for a longer look–just give it a few days. I can only comment about the Bohemian hair, havnt tried anything else.

  3. Electra says:

    I too have tried Pro-10 for braiding a few times. Love the softness, the folded length of 36 inches and colors available. After testing out styles for 18 months, my experience says be sure your stylist knows how to braid well. If they are tree-braiding with Pro-10 hair, their technique needs to be one that uses a kind of cross-over locking braid with each strand that is placed in; or the hair just pulls out with this brand of hair. I have found only one person in California that can do this technique and she will not do it with anything but human hair 24 inches and up. It may be better to go to Kristen in New York. The hair curls well with the pro-10 curling iron, be sure to use a high quality non-tacky setting gel to hold the curl. Hair seems to look more natural as time goes on. The kinks melt with water and the hair will not get that wet dog smell.
    I do think their are improvements that can be made. Over all I love it, mostly because the same length human hair is $1,040.00 per lb. In a downturn market Pro-10 is a real winner.

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