Wendy Williams

Ummmmm……….Well……….I am at a loss for words I think she must have 10 packs of the 20 inch Yaki!  Wendy Williams has to go through a lot of hair in the course of a week because every time we see this media maven, she has a new ‘do. Now I didn’t say the ‘do was nice but no matter what it looks like you know that there will be too much hair on her head.  I am trying to figure out what she is trying to hide with all of that hair?  I mean enough is enough.  I think that 8 ounces or 2 packs of human hair is more then enough for the average person.  But as the self-proclaimed Queen of All Media   I guess she is not the “average person”  Wendy William does it big — from her furs to her dripping jewels to that monstrosity that sits atop her dome — her hair. Ladies please don’t make the same mistake

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  1. Eletra says:

    Fashion and Beauty is more than function, it is an expression of Art.
    Some people like Wendy William and Steve McQueen push the boundaries and
    live outside of the square box. They allow our imaginations the opportunity to
    be shocked and stimulated. Without them life would be very dull and boring.

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