What is a Lace Front Wig


What is a Lace-Front Wig? 

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I get this question all the time and finally decided to write a real article on it, Enjoy!

A lace front wig is only news to those outside of the entertainment industry. They’ve been used in movies and television for years. Movie stylists value the lace-front wig because it’s virtually invisible on camera. Recently, celebs such as John Travolta and Beyonnce Knowles have been photographed wearing them.  

A lace front wig has fine lace at the hairline of the wig, to make the perfect hairline. What makes the lace wig unique is that it has an entire cap made of nearly invisible lace. The cap is made of either a French lace or a Swiss lace; the lace is so fine that is has a texture similar to hosiery. Each full lace wig has a veil of lace that hides the perimeter of the wig so that you can wear your hair in an updo or a ponytail. On a full lace, the entire cap is made of lace; French lace is used for the back of the cap and a super-fine Swiss lace is used for the front and perimeter of the wig.   

The wigs are very costly because they require an average 50 hours of work by a master wig maker to complete. Most quality pieces are made by hand. The master wig maker ties each hair individually into the wig to minimize their appearance. Handmade wigs have a smoother surface than machine made wigs and the hair flows like natural hair. 

Lace front wigs aren’t just for celebrities anymore. They can be ordered from your favorite stylist or beauty supply store, or from the Internet. Because most lace front wigs are custom made, it’s important to get an accurate measurement of your scalp before you order from the internet.  

At least six measurements are needed. The circumference of your head at the hairline, the length of your head from front to nape, from ear to ear across the forehead and over the top of your head, from temple to temple around the back of your head, and the nape of your neck. In order to get good measurements:

  • Get a cloth measuring tape
  • Make sure the tape doesn’t twist or roll and measure with the tape snug, not tight
  • Finally, re-measure three times or more to ensure a consistent measurement

Once the wig is put on, make-up is applied to the lace, further masking its appearance. The lace-front wig is adhered using specialized glue, a water based copolymer adhesive that holds for 2-4 weeks. Acrylic glues can be used that last from one to three weeks. 

A lace front wig can be your ticket to the movie star hair that we all dream of, without the costly stylists and make-up artists. 

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