Should I Wash My Natural Hair While It Is Braided

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It is nice to know that people of all ages can appreciate my work.  It is our youth that give me the motivation to keep on blogging!  With all that said here is a question that one of my readers posted:

Hey Kristen. I’ve been doing a lot of research on tree braids and I have to say u r pretty darn good @ them. I plan on getting some done sometime this week but I just had a few questions.
1. Can you wash your natural hair w/ the braids in? (I bet you have gotten that question a million times, but i couldn’t find the answer)
2. Do u know of any brand of hair that is curly when wet but can be flat ironed straight?
3. Do u recommend anyone in the Sacramento, ca area that can do cornrow tree braids really good @ a reasonable price?

oh, and by the way im 13 so if theres a kids discount be sure to tell me that price. (unless the age limit is 10 or something, i might be able to get away w/ being 12 yrs old)

should I wash my natural hair with braids

To answer question number 1….. YES please wash your hair while it is braided!  It is so important to keep your natural and braid hair clean.  I get so irritated when people get their hair braided and their hair care gores on auto pilot.  I use this analogy to get my point across. “Would you not wash your face for 4 weeks just because you had on a mask?”  No you wouldn’t because your face would break out and you would be walking around looking CRAZY.  Well your scalp is skin just like your face and it needs care too.  There is no need to wash it everyday however 4 weeks is too long!  So please wash your hair at least 2 times a week.  And washing does not mean that tyoui have to get in the shower and do it but at least get some sea breeze and clean your scalp.

Question number 2…. Yes there is a l0t of hair that can be curly and straight.  Any of the wet and wavy hair can do this.  For example Milky way hair.  Hair purchased from  There is even synthetic hair that can do this.  One of my personal favorites is Brandy’s Pro 10 hair.  It has this versatility.  In fact I wish  she made lace front wigs because I think that they would sell well.  Using a Flat Iron like the FHI Ceramic Flat Iron can work well too.

Question 3…. I am not familiar with the Sacramento braiders but if you are a braider in Sacramento please send me a comment and I can post some of your work and possibly get you some clients.  I love sharing the wealth with other braiders!

Lastly.  Is there  a children’s discount?  Of course children tend to have smaller heads therefore their heads are easy to do do and take less time.  When this happens I do share the wealth by coming down on my prices.

Keep sending me questions and I will do my best to answer to the best of my abilities.  Thanks a bunch.

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  1. corn roll says:

    Making cornrows with synthetic hair is especially nice if you have thin hair, it also gives a nice effect when you take a different color of fake hair.

  2. With afro hair cornrows will remain nice for almost one month.

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