To Weave or Not to Weave

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Remember the days when people would talk about you when you had in a weave?  You were said yot have in horse hair, or that you were “unbeweavible”   Did people  say this because they were afraid of change or perhaps they were jealous that they were not able to have their hair weaved.  My personal belief  was the the weave was so bad that there was only one thing to do……talk about  crazy it looked!  One of my favorite things to do it learn new techniques and become astonished by what some people allow to be done to their hair.

Weaves should be believable let that be your first priority.  Even if you go fron 2 inches to 24 inches make it look real please. here are some examples of what not to do…

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  2. Rama says:

    Scary is a great word word for that do. With so many places to go to get hair weaves it’s sad to see what some would like to call a professionally done weave. If you ever get up to the Minneapolis area, come meet us at one of our hair braiding shops. You can find us at Safari Hair Braiding.

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