Sensationnel Pro 10 Hair

Sensationnel Pro 10 Hair is a brand that I love to use for those of you want want the human hair look but do not want the human hair budget!

Here is the Pro 10 Promise:

The Pro 10 Promise:

1. Easy Wash and Restore for a great look and healthy scalp 2. Revitatize and Refresh for a lasting appearance 3. Tangle Free for styling ease 4. Itch Free for 24 hour comfort 5. Thin Weft for a track free appearance 6. Non-shedding for carefree styling 7. Longer Lengths for the styles you want 8. Easy Curling for quick restyling 9. Longer Lasting for durable use 10. Natural Look for a style that looks like you.

Concerned about the high price of human hair? Pro10 Ultima® Collagen Protein Hair by Sensationnel is a smart alternative to human hair.

Limited supply and high demand is the formula for high prices. The scarcity of raw human hair has led to an industry-wide increase in human hair prices. Higher quality hair and longer length human hair is even more expensive and difficult to get. Fortunately, there are options.

Human hair is made of Keratin fibers. Pro10 is collagen protein fiber which looks, feels, and handles like human hair. Pro10 maintains its natural luster and shine and can be reused. Pro10 is made in wefted hair (for weaving) or bulk hair (for braiding). Collagen hair offers unique advantages over human hair. Like human hair, collagen fibers can be heat-styled and are long lasting. Pro10 requires less heat than human hair. It produces a more stable curl or wave pattern at a low heat temperature of 120°C. It restores easily with washing without tangling or shedding. Curly styles may loose curl after washing and will have to be reset.

Available styles include European Silky Straight for (straight textured hair), Yaki (for relaxed textures hair) and wavy and curly styles suitable for all hair textures.

Collagen fibers are not subject to variation in quality, color and texture you would expect in natural human hair products. You get the same texture, color and quality with every purchase – a near impossible task with human hair. Pro10 can also be produced in longer lengths and in a wider variety of colors.

Collagen braiding (bulk) hair is manufactured for optimum braiding. Braiding hair products come in folded lengths of 36″ with no fly ends. The hair is soft and great to work with. Braiders will love this product. Wefted hair pieces are constructed with thin wefts which make the piece lighter and easier to work with. Curly styles may loose curl after washing and will need to be reset.

Pro10 is a great affordable quality human hair substitute that out performs Kanekalon and Toyokalon. Pro10 is a collagen protein synthetic hair product. THIS IS NOT HUMAN HAIR.

Expect great handling, softness, shine and longer and a natural look but also expect to replace the hair as you would other synthetic hair products.

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