The many hairstyles of Rihanna

We have all are aware about the famous singer Rihanna. Rihanna is a talented woman who has captured many hearts the world over with charismatic music. And if there is another thing that she is well known for, it is her hairstyles. You could say she has left no hats unturned in her quest for novel, striking and noticeable hairstyles. Every hairstyle worn by Rihanna whether it is pixie cut, bob cut, short o curly has been eye-catching and unique and a trend setter.

You must consider three significant factors of Rihanna’s hair style:

The purpose of hairstyles is to generate illusions that make the face shape look closer to the oval shape. The face shape of Rihanna is diamond shape, with correct width and length proportion, with the exception of the significantly slim forehead. Considering this reason Rihanna’s hairstyles need to only make small alteration in the forehead area.

Also if Rihanna’s hairstyle is long then it is complemented with side-swept bangs. In case Rihanna’s hairstyle is short crown height is added to forehead width.

Best feature of the hair should be highlighted with the hairstyle. If you would have noticed the majority of Rihanna hairstyles engage hair which is straight.

In addition to the shape there is much more to Rihanna’s hair. The hairstyle should also be a reflection of the personality and the body. Personality of Rihanna is of a pop star hence the hairstyles of Rihanna tend to lean towards the unusual and the trendy.

If you have either of the following face shapes then Rihanna’s hairstyle is the best for you:

  1. Triangle,
  2. Long,
  3. Square,
  4. Diamond shape

Asymmetrical bob happens to be the sweetest styles worn by Rihanna. This hairstyle is just about an ideal style of hair for anyone. These hairstyles are not difficult for maintaining and owe their reinvention to Rihanna.

The look of a bob haircut is timeless. But with Rihanna’s experiment of making it trendy and stylish with some adjustments this hairstyle has become thrilling and fun and modernized as well.

Taking a close look at Rihanna’s bob cut:

  • In her Bob cut avatar hair is cut short from the back.
  • There were layers that added smoothness to her hair.
  • The length of the bangs was not short.
  • Rihanna split the hair right off from the center for parting. One side is swept back and the other side falls over the eye.
  • The other part removed fraction of them towards back from Rihanna’s face where they still framed it.
  • The rest of the hair was left open from the other side.

All you need to do is to check with the hair stylist to check how you would look in Rihanna’s hairstyle. You can also look as trendy and stylish as Rihanna but make sure of the shape of your face and the look that goes best with it. You may not look good in Rihanna’s hairstyle and may need to look for another hairstyle. You need to sure of which hairstyle you are experimenting with to get that real classy look like Rihanna’s. Even the layers and the colors can look the same provided the look is carefully worked with. We wish you all the best and if you are a dedicated Rihanna fan let us hope her hairstyle suits you too!

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