White Women and Lace Front Wigs

The lace front wig is semi-permanent in nature, designed with a base of pure lace and made with real human hair. It is a highly durable wig and the users can even swim and work out while wearing it. Lace front wigs are natural-looking and are hence very popular. These wigs provide you a natural and reasonable hairline.

The lace front wig has a delicate lace scalp in front and to give that natural look the lace is threaded with synthetic or real strands of hair in a way that looks natural. Initially these wigs were designed for women who experienced severe hair loss due to chemotherapy or other reasons.

Initially, African American women had a craze for lace front wigs because these are the most natural ones for them. Now these are popular amongst white women as well. White women generally wear lace front wigs which match their personalities. Almost everyone in Hollywood, from top celebrities to starlets, has tried these at some point of time.

White women are attracted to these wigs due to several reasons. Some have taken medication that has caused hair loss, or they may have alopecia, or they may just want a new look!  There is no absolute reason why anyone would want a lace front wig.  One fact is that women like versatility and the lace wig allows you to have the option to braid, curl or twist the wig into hair style of your choice. Due to this ability of the wig you can create many looks with a single lace front wig. This also makes them suit your budget. However, there is a disadvantage also associated with these wigs and that is the delicate work they carry. Due to its delicate nature, the lace front wig is more susceptible to damage. The lace front will also need to be repaired if worn regularly. The different styles experimented on the wig will also demand more maintenance. If not maintained regularly then the lace front wig may soon become a rag.

When we look at the cost factor the lace front wigs are definitely on a higher side than the traditional wigs. However, when one sees their advantages, one really does not mind. Some of these wigs are made completely from human hair, something that makes them costlier, while some may be a mix of human and synthetic hair.

There are various ways to wear the lace front wigs. If the hair is long, then to get a secure fit the wig should be braided. Shorter hair can be simply tucked under the wig.

The biggest advantage of wearing lace front wigs is that in addition to a better hairline, they give a more realistic look compared to other types of wigs. There is a gradual transition from thin hair to a denser spread. It becomes almost impossible to trace and detect that you are wearing a wig.

There are special adhesives available to attach these lace front wigs to your head. The choice of adhesive is between double-sided adhesive tape made mainly for hair wigs and glue used specially for holding lace wigs. Alternatively, some women even trim the wig to give it a natural look and ensure that the wig merges well with the natural hair.

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