Skin Products You Should Never Use Again!

So we have companies who have spent millions in developing a product and pushing it in the market with all sorts of wonderful promises. They are in the business to make money and want to get you to use their products on a regular basis. In spite of the best efforts, chemicals in cosmetics have different effects on different people and these side effects show up on a single usage or over a period of time. If it works well for you fine. If it does not and gives adverse reactions you will likely discard it forever.

Most of these products are a blend of complex organic compounds with Ammonia as a component. Detergents in shampoos may contain laurel sulphate and linear Alkyl Benzene. These compounds are harsh and strip the skin and hair of natural oils. It is also an observed fact that prolonged use of shampoos results in premature greying of hair plus split ends and brittleness. So many face creams have resulted in premature ageing, wrinkling and sagging of facial skin.

The famous brands like Pantene and Garnier do the same with your hair. They do not benefit your hair and after some time you will never like to use them on your hair. Some more products that you will never like to use on your hairs are  2 in 1 in conditioners. L’Oreal Nature Therapy Unfrizz Smoothing Treatment, Got2b So Smooth one minute emergency repair crème, Proclaim wrapping lotion, ORS Locking Gel, Suave Humectress, Suave daily clarifying, infusium repair shampoo, and Pantene relaxed and natural line and so on.

Every user of these products says only one thing that these products suck, suck and only suck. Tresseme could perhaps be the only recognized company which does not use any harsh chemical in its products. The actual problem is that these hair products are in abundance and a great variety. Marketing of these products fascinates the common man and they use it on their hair and wait for the best results, what they never get. The gullible are an easy prey and the marketing gurus know it all too well.

I know of a friend who is only too well aware of the complex chemicals used in most cosmetics. So he has made it a rule in his family: no shampoos, soaps, creams or any cosmetics of any kind. The only cosmetics they use are natural like oil for hair, herbal mix for cleaning hair (it has really worked to make hair long and silky), turmeric and rice/chickpea powder for bathing and so on. But then for the modern man to revert to nature is difficult especially when he can buy so many magic solutions off the shelves of supermarkets!

There are safer and better PH balanced products available in the market that you could easily use. You should always stay away from the harsh cleaning shampoos and conditioners what claim to make your hairs healthy. You will feel healthy even after avoiding them. Also never wash your hairs more than once a week under normal conditions pertaining to your lifestyle and jobs.

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