The best glue to use for lace front wigs

There are so many varieties of lace wigs that sometimes it becomes difficult for us to choose the right type for ourselves. Lace front wigs are made with lace materials light in weight and contain a cap. The cap is intended for personalized fitting.

Many high-profile personalities go for lace wigs. A main reason for this is that the wig combines well with natural hairline and it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to be detected while wearing.

Once you purchase the lace front wig, the next step is to wear it to see how it looks. In fact, there are two different materials that can be applied to stick the lace wig onto your head; the first is lace wig tape and the second is glue. Which one you would use is absolutely your own choice; the lace front wig works with both of them.

Lace wig glue is however more popular than tape and is used more often. Glue tends to hold lace front wigs for a longer period of time. The usual hold time for a lace front wig stuck with glue is anywhere between two to three weeks. However you will come across some types of glue which claim to hold the lace wig for a longer period of time. At times, people have experimented with both tape and glue simultaneously, with a good amount of success. Using both materials together also provides a longer lasting effect.

There are two different varieties of lace wig glue available; water-based and solvent-based glue. Below are mentioned the characteristics of both types:

Water-based Glue:

Better for sensitive skin

The hold of the wig is moderately strong, though the time period for hold may not be very long

Solvent Based Glue:

Contains Chemicals

There are chances of inflammations and eruptions on sensitive skin

The hold of the wig is much stronger than water-based glue.

Whichever type of glue you select for holding the wig, it is recommended that you test the product before using it. The product should be tested on a particular area at least for an hour to check for any allergies or rashes.

There is a variety of lace wig glues available in the market and the one that is most suitable for most people is considered the best. However, please remember it is very much possible that a particular lace wig glue may be very good for one and still may not suit many others. Therefore, the best lace wig glue for you is the one that suits you the most and not necessarily the one that sells the most in the market.

A few popular lace wig glues are mentioned below:


Base Bond Adhesive

Perma Tec Bond Adhesive


For some, ultra-hold may be the best glue but it may not suit others at all. Base Bond is a great glue to carry around and use on the move as it dries in about 5 minutes. This glue is best in emergencies.

Perma Tec Bond Adhesive shows good performance in case of extreme body heat and oily scalp conditions. This glue is creamier and thicker and it delivers an easy-to-use and lasting application. Endura-Bond is the best glue for long-term wear of lace front wigs. Keep these factors in mind and you will be able to choose the best glue for your lace front wig without much effort!

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