Hair Care for Bi-racial Children

bi racial hair care

Bi-racial children, who have the blood of two different races, mostly have something unique. The most visible difference is in their hair. They may be curly, frizzy, dry and dull. Many children have hair that are entangled. Some find it difficult to maintain them as it becomes difficult to comb. Every bi-racial child is different from the other and so is their hair. Proper care has to be taken of their hair at all times to avoid problems later on.

Parents generally try out various products available in the market to care for their children’s hair. However, doing anything extra like over-shampooing, over-oiling or over-tightening may hurt the children and their hairs may get damaged too. Therefore, there is a need for professional hair care advice. The right oil, shampoo and other hair care techniques will go a long way in ensuring proper development of the hair of bi-racial children and will also improve the beauty of the hair.

The structure of curly hair makes it extremely difficult to comb. To untangle these hairs, you may end up breaking some of the hair strands.

The best ways to care for the hair of biracial children are listed below:

Use wide tooth comb- This will ensure that the tangled hair are combed without pain and with least damage. Combing should never be done on dry hair. The hair should be well moist. It will be great if a combination of a comb and brush is used on wet hair. It is extremely important to comb the hair in small sections. Straight combing may pull the hair and cause great pain. Hence the best way is to choose smaller sections and comb or brush them gently.

Braid the hair- It is always a good option to braid the hair. There are a number of braiding options. Depending on the comfort and desired looks the braids can be decided. But the best part of braiding is that it can remain for a week unattended. The hairs are nicely tightened and tied together to avoid tangling. It also looks very good.

Wash the hair at regular intervals- The ideal interval for washing the hair is a week. In winters, this period can be a little longer. Over-washing may cause dryness of hair. The washing has to be gentle. The scalp needs to be massaged gently and smoothly but not vigorously. After washing the hair should be allowed to dry on its own. Never use the dryer for saving time. Instead, use a towel softly.

Deep conditioning of the hair- Healthy hair requires proper conditioning. Most of the parents do not do this. However, it is important to do deep conditioning at least once a month with a suitable conditioner. The proper conditioner keeps the hair moist, thereby improving hair strength.

Use satin pillow for sleeping- The cotton may soak the moisture in the hair and tangle the hair speedily. Hence, to maintain the moisture and reduce the tangling, use satin below the head while sleeping.

Hair care is needed to minimize hair breakage, reduce pain and improve the looks. The above methods are just suggestions. Before taking any decision, please do seek professional help.

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