Michael Jackson and Lace Front Wig

In 1984 the famous singer Michael Jackson got his hair burnt during a performance in a Pepsi ad. Post this incident Michael Jackson turned to lace front wigs. Jackson was at the peak of his career hen this accident happened. He received treatment at the hospital for burns after his hair caught fire.

A lace front wig is a unique wig designed with a sheer base of lace. Real human hair is used to make these wigs. Real human hair is used to make these wigs which are tied to a sheer lace base by hand.

These are the most expensive types of wigs. These look the most realistic and untraceable. The wigs are glued to the wearer’s scalp and are reasonably long-lasting. When we say long-lasting or durable it means that the wearer has the liberty to swim and involve in dynamic physical action wearing the wig.

Lace front wigs look natural and are one of the most versatile wigs available. Due to this reason these wigs are a rage amongst the rock stars and movie stars globally. After Michael Jackson started wearing a lace front wig, it got really popular and it started getting sold by the name Michael Jackson lace front wig. It is available in many styles. If you are a bit creative and know how to style your hair, you can also create the Michael Jackson lace front wig effect using hair gels.

Let’s look at the benefits and disadvantages associated with lace front wigs.


A realistic look is created by this wig as the transition from sparsely spread thin hair to densely spread thick hair gradually.

The wig mimics the growth of natural hair, making it almost untraceable.

The wigs can be braided, twisted or curled to a hair style of your choice. Due this versatility a single wig can be used in an extensive variety of looks and thus is friendly on the budget too.


The biggest disadvantage of the lace front wig is the delicate work on it. The wig is susceptible to damage due to the lace scalp being delicate and the strands of hair also delicate. When compared to its counterparts the average lifespan of a lace front wig is very short.

If regularly worn, the delicate lace front wig will need repair. There is a possibility of the front sections of the wig to get damaged if worn regularly with constant styling. If not maintained and cared for regularly, the wig may soon convert into a rag.

Lace front wigs are a craze amongst many celebrities including Beyonce and Tyra Banks. Many women are turning to lace front wigs to look like the stars.

Due to the feature of lace front wigs to look natural and real to the wearer, these wigs are superior to traditional wigs.

Real Human Hair

Since these wigs are made from human hair they look more natural.


Lace front wigs are hand-made wigs and are made by each strand getting individually attached to the lace network base. This again is a factor which gives appearance of real hair to the wig.

There are a variety of styles and colors available for lace front wigs. These can be short, curly or straight.

You can wear a lace front wig either to disguise hair which grows sparsely or to update an existing hair style.

Lace front wigs are definitely costlier than the traditional wigs, however when compared to its different styles its still a budget friendly option.

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