Braids After Child Birth

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Well for anyone out there who didn’t know I just has a beautiful baby girl a few months ago and  she is a precious little thing!  Ok lets focus on something that might help you out…

While you are pregnant your hair grows like a weed!  It is thick and strong and for a minute you begin to think that your hair has always been like this.  Then you go into labor and you are given this amazing gift from God that you are learning to care for.  You are putting so much time and energy into your child that you forget about yourself.  (And ladies your man is not feeling that. He is begging for you to comb your hair and look like you use to  )  Well your figure will come back soon enough, don’t rush it.  It took 9 months to get it on so give yourself 9 months to take it off.

But your hair on the other hand is something that you can do immediately.  So you do the easy thing and braid it into micros so that it will look nice for a long time.  Well if you are anything like me this is the worst thing that you can do to your hair!!!!!  Approximately 3 months after you have have your baby you hair begins to go back to its normal thickness.  So there is a great deal of shedding of hair follicles happening. You hair is weaker as it is figuring out which strands to shed and which to keep, so the additional tension that micro braids put on the hair follicle cause more hair to shed then that which would have shed under normal brushing.


Having said this I like to wait 4 – 5 months before I put braids in my hair after child birth.  Once this time passes you should be in the clear.  What I do like to recommend for your hair after child birth would be a weave.  I like to leave the front of my real hair out when I wear weaves because the the edges of ones hair line is the area that is most prone to thinning.


I hope that I help someone out there from making the same mistake that I made when I had my first child.  Now that I am on number 3 I want to pass on the knowledge that my Mother never told me!


Thanks for reading!

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