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Skin Products You Should Never Use Again!

So we have companies who have spent millions in developing a product and pushing it in the market with all sorts of wonderful promises.

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White Women and Lace Front Wigs

The lace front wig is semi-permanent in nature, designed with a base of pure lace and made with real human hair. It is a highly durable wig and the users can even swim and work out while wearing it. Lace front wigs are natural-looking and are hence very popular. These wigs provide you a natural […]

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Anaemia and Its Connection with Hair Loss

One is said to have become anaemic when there is a decrease in the number of red blood cells (RBC) in the blood and it goes below the normal count.  Anaemia is also caused when the blood’s capacity of carrying haemoglobin decreases. There are several types of anaemia.  Not all types of anaemia have hair […]

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Should I Wash My Natural Hair While It Is Braided

“Would you not wash your face for 4 weeks just because you had on a mask?” No you wouldn’t because your face would break out and you would be walking around looking CRAZY. Well your scalp is skin just like your face and it needs care too

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Make your hair healthy with Chocolate.

For most people, the word “chocolate” certainly would not be considered synonymous with the word “healthy“. Healthy infers a food source that provides nutritional benefit for our bodies. A recent study conducted by scientists at Cornell University found that cocoa powder, the base from which chocolate is made, contains nearly TWICE the antioxidants of red […]

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Why Do Lace Front Wigs Cost So Much?

Why Do Lace Front Wigs Cost So Much? Have you ever stopped to wonder just how much it costs the average person to go from cute to stunning?  Make up: $40.  Clothes: $200.  Shoes: $140.  Contact Lenses and or designer sun glasses: $100.  But of all the costs, it seems to pale when compared to […]

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Shampoo could be bad for your health…

What’s so bad about shampoo anyway? Shampoo is a detergent, just like laundry detergent, dishwashing powder and the stuff you use to clean your bathroom. It cleans out the dirt in your hair, but is very harsh and also takes the natural oils that make your hair shiny, soft and strong. Shampoo wasn’t introduced until […]

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How to prevent your hair from turning green this summer

So you think that getting green hair after swimming only happens to blonds?? Well let me shed some light on the situation by letting you know that it can happen to you if you have:   Blond hair Light brown hair Highlighted hair Or color treated hair (going from a darker shade to a lighter […]

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The best style for growing your hair natural

I have so many people who want to know what style they should get while growing there hair natural. I tell them all tree braids! Here are the top 8 reasons why Tree braids are the way to have your hair styled while growing out your hair. 1. They take about 3-4 hours to complete […]

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Why Lye Relaxers Aren’t Good For Your Hair

I have a new section on the website that deals with hair care advice. The following is a sample of the types of articles you can find on that section, called Urban Hair Care Guide. I hope these articles are beneficial to you. People have different types of hair. Many people with frizzy or very […]

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