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What kind of hair should I use and do I need a relaxer?

 Human Hair Sample Should you get a relaxer before getting tree braids: Well first I do not reccomend that you get a relaxer before any braided style and that includes tree braids.  Getting a relaxer will  cause your hair to be pulled out from the root.  I suggest that you wait at least 2 weeks […]

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Who Invented hair relaxers anyway?

Well let’s start with a little History: The creator of the product we have coined a “Perm” was Garrett Augustus Morgan,Sr. He was born in Paris, Kentucky on March 4, 1877. Garrett was a natural born inventor. Among his creations was the three-position traffic signal, a traffic management device that greatly improved safety along America‘s […]

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Hair Relaxer side effects

I am a natural sista, what do I mean by that? I have given up chemical relaxers which have been proven to have side effects including but not limited to total or spot hair loss, hair breakage where hair breaks at the scalp line, bald spots scalp rashes, irritation and potential scarring of the scalp. […]

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Image property of  A fellow UCLA Bruin, who has blown up in the world of hip hop gossip blogs has taken A Hot Mess Blog to the next level with their, America’s Next Top Hot Mess competition.  If you are having a rough day and would like to see that your bad hair day, […]

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What type of Human hair to use for tree braids

What type of Human hair to use for tree braids? This by far is the number one question that I am asked.  Well before you decide on the type of hair to purchase you need to know how much and how long. 1. For maximum fullness and length I recommend you use 24 inch hair […]

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How to keep human hair looking nice

I get so many questions from people all over the world and one question that I answered over and over again is, “After I get tree braids what do I do to keep the hair looking nice?” Well let me answer this question for you all! 1. I Suggest that you do your best to […]

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Lace Front Wig Application 1 of 7

By far this is the best Lace front wig application video I have found to date. If the website is anything like the video that they created then I am buying whatever they are selling! Do you feel Me? If you want to learn how to apply a Lace Front wig this is surly […]

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Lace Front Wig Application 2 of 7

This is HOT! I LOVE lace front wigs and now we all will know how to do them!

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Lace Front Wig Application 3 of 7

I think that you all out there in blogger world are watching this video saying to yourself “I can do this!” Well I think that you can too! Give it a try. It seems easy enough. Let me know if you were able to do it based off of this video by

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Lace Front Wig Application 4 of 7

She gives so many tips that I think that other videos don’t give! Like the fact that you should not touch the lace while there is glue on it because it will leave a white mark. And you know that a white mark on the around the perimeter of your face will make people wonder […]

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