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Review: 100% Pure Coconut Oil

This review appears courtesy of MotownGirl: 100% Pure Coconut Oil Consistency: Soild but can be melted down. Review: It is soild, but melts easily once in your hands. I prefer the kind with no smell. I used it as a oil after washing my hair then I put a little gel on, but I usually […]

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Review:’s FHI Ceramic Flat iron

No disrespect to my natural sisters, but sometimes I like to wear my hair straight, no chemicals of course! I was tired of this humidity making me look like I just picked out my natural/Afro. So with all that said I am sure that you can only imagine why I needed a high performing flat iron.

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Motown Girl has the goods and now serving them @ KristenLock

I am working on some pretty exciting news for those of you that keep up with my blog. I am growing and I hope to keep you informed with great content. I am currently getting ready to launch a syndication agreement with Motown Girl – Do It yourself natural hair care, to bring you great […]

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Welcome to Kristen Lock Dot Com

This is the 1st post. Glad you made it to my blog. I hope that you learn and are inspired. First post are really overrated, but I know the blog will be worth its weight in gold. How much does a blog weigh? Again welcome to my blog at Kristen Lock Dot Com.

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