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What is “Natural Hair”

On of my readers on this blog posted this question: Does natural hair strickly mean chemical processors for this purpose, or does it include hair colors, conditioners, and mosisterizers. I thought that was a great question and wanted to address it here. “Natural hair” for black women is, by definition, hair that is not processed […]

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Download Tree Braid DVD NOW!

Now you can download the DVD for your Ipad, Ipod, MacBook, Android or Mac/PC desktop.

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Braids After Child Birth

While you are pregnant your hair grows like a weed! It is thick and strong and for a minute you begin to think that your hair has always been like this. Then you go into labor and you are given this amazing gift from God that you are learning to care for.

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Hair Care for Bi-racial Children

Bi-racial children, who have the blood of two different races, mostly have something unique. The most visible difference is in their hair. They may be curly, frizzy, dry and dull. Many children have hair that are entangled. Some find it difficult to maintain them as it becomes difficult to comb.

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Michael Jackson and Lace Front Wig

In 1984 the famous singer Michael Jackson got his hair burnt during a performance in a Pepsi ad. Post this incident Michael Jackson turned to lace front wigs. Jackson was at the peak of his career hen this accident happened. He received treatment at the hospital for burns after his hair caught fire. A lace […]

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Skin Products You Should Never Use Again!

So we have companies who have spent millions in developing a product and pushing it in the market with all sorts of wonderful promises.

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The best glue to use for lace front wigs

There are so many varieties of lace wigs that sometimes it becomes difficult for us to choose the right type for ourselves. Lace front wigs are made with lace materials light in weight and contain a cap. The cap is intended for personalized fitting. Many high-profile personalities go for lace wigs. A main reason for […]

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White Women and Lace Front Wigs

The lace front wig is semi-permanent in nature, designed with a base of pure lace and made with real human hair. It is a highly durable wig and the users can even swim and work out while wearing it. Lace front wigs are natural-looking and are hence very popular. These wigs provide you a natural […]

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The many hairstyles of Rihanna

We have all are aware about the famous singer Rihanna. Rihanna is a talented woman who has captured many hearts the world over with charismatic music. And if there is another thing that she is well known for, it is her hairstyles. You could say she has left no hats unturned in her quest for […]

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Sensationnel Pro 10 Hair

Sensationnel Pro 10 Hair is a brand that I love to use for those of you want want the human hair look but do not want the human hair budget! Here is the Pro 10 Promise: The Pro 10 Promise: 1. Easy Wash and Restore for a great look and healthy scalp 2. Revitatize and […]

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