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Why Do Lace Front Wigs Cost So Much?

Why Do Lace Front Wigs Cost So Much? Have you ever stopped to wonder just how much it costs the average person to go from cute to stunning?  Make up: $40.  Clothes: $200.  Shoes: $140.  Contact Lenses and or designer sun glasses: $100.  But of all the costs, it seems to pale when compared to […]

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April Entrepreneur Updates

Here are the top 5 headlines I want to share with you, I sent these out to my newsletter subscribers a few days ago. You can sign up here: Are you an entrepreneur? A stylist? Recently launched your blog, product line or opened a new salon? If so I want to put you and or […]

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Bronner Brothers International Hair Show in Atlanta 8/2/08 – 8/5/08

You can get your Bronner Brothers tickets half price til June 1st, 2008.  While many people I know either love or hate what the show represents, you can not deny its popularity and appeal.  My sister is trying to get me to go and I think it would be a great experience.   Runways and hairicopters!  […]

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Welcome to Kristen Lock Dot Com

This is the 1st post. Glad you made it to my blog. I hope that you learn and are inspired. First post are really overrated, but I know the blog will be worth its weight in gold. How much does a blog weigh? Again welcome to my blog at Kristen Lock Dot Com.

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