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Why Do Lace Front Wigs Cost So Much?

Why Do Lace Front Wigs Cost So Much? Have you ever stopped to wonder just how much it costs the average person to go from cute to stunning?  Make up: $40.  Clothes: $200.  Shoes: $140.  Contact Lenses and or designer sun glasses: $100.  But of all the costs, it seems to pale when compared to […]

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Applying Lace Front Wigs

    Applying Lace Front Wigs         When applying a lace front wig it does not have to be done by a professional, although it is recommended, that you seek services from someone who specializes in lace front wigs. You can easily apply one at home by yourself, but remember that you will need […]

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Reseller programs for hair care professionals

Have you ever purchased a car and been asked if you want XM or Sirius radio? What about a laptop combined with Microsoft Office? Even better, ever tried to get your phone serviced at a store that has your carrier’s logo but been told you have to take it to an company store? These are […]

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Hair Threading

The phenomenon of hair threading is growing pretty fast as a styling technique of choice amongst the urban community. I first learned about the technique from some friends, and when I read a recent post from Afrobella, I thought to share what I know about the process. What is threading? (from Pantagraph) This is a […]

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Wavy – locks of hair have loose “s” shape without ever creating the shape of an “o”. The bends tend to infrequent, only occurring about every 1 inch or greater.

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Kinky – locks of hair have a zig-zag “z” pattern without ever creating the “o” of Coily hair. The bends are very small and frequent.

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Coily-curly – locks of hair have a defined “o” shape” looped into a corkscrew affect with curly diameter approximately 3/8” and larger.

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Coily-Kinky Hair

Coily-kinky – locks of hair are curled very tightly into an “o” shape with a diameter of 1/8” 1/4’’.

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Weave Tracks

Weave Tracks – Sections of hair used to create weaves and select braiding styles. A track is a piece of synthetic or human hair usually glued or sewn into the the scalp or a braid of natural hair.

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Lace Front Wig

Lace Front Wig – Lace Front Hair Weave appear as your own hair but are generally wigs. With special adhesives, the the hair weave is attached to your

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