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Human Hair

Human Hair – Most human hair used for weaves is derived from the continent of Asia (China, India, and to a very small degree, Southeastern Russia). People in the third world grow their hair for sale to specialty buyers who sell

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Tree Braids

Tree Braids – (from Wikipedia) The artificial hair is incorporated into the client’s natural hair with the use of a basic cornrow. The best hair length to use is 24 inch hair. The client’s hair is parted from the front of the head to the nape of

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Tenderheaded – This is caused when the scalp is not properly stimulated: the muscles become tighter and the nerves more sensitive. Because of this sensitivity, any stimulus such as improper combing or detangling will cause pain. This can occur with anytype of hair.

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Kitchen – The hair on the back/nape of the neck where the hair meets the top of the shirt collar.  If not properly cared for this area has a tendency to be not so easily cared for.

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