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Why Do Lace Front Wigs Cost So Much?

Why Do Lace Front Wigs Cost So Much? Have you ever stopped to wonder just how much it costs the average person to go from cute to stunning?  Make up: $40.  Clothes: $200.  Shoes: $140.  Contact Lenses and or designer sun glasses: $100.  But of all the costs, it seems to pale when compared to […]

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My Interview with the Mixed Chicks

Recently I was invited to meet Kim and Wendi, the founder of Mixed Chicks at a mixer in West Hollywood. Talk about gracious and down to earth women. I was nervous, but they made me feel right at home. I don’t know about you but the pressure of speaking in front of a camera is […]

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Creating a brand vs. creating products

Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price does an interview for Rolling Out TV. It’s important to understand the difference between a beauty brand as opposed to a stand alone products. Think of Macy’s as a fashion store brand and the local boutique as a stand alone product. Each plays an important role, but for those looking […]

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When hair relaxers go wild

Now if you have been reading this blog for any amount of time you are well aware that I think relaxers should be avoided like the plague. Why? They weaken the hair. They tend to make women of color feel as though their natural beauty aint natural enough and finally there are so many other […]

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Welcome to Kristen Lock Dot Com

This is the 1st post. Glad you made it to my blog. I hope that you learn and are inspired. First post are really overrated, but I know the blog will be worth its weight in gold. How much does a blog weigh? Again welcome to my blog at Kristen Lock Dot Com.

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Hollywood Beauty Carrot Creme

Hollywood Beauty Carrot Creme The Hollywood Beauty Carrot Creme is a staple for many urban hair aficionados.  I have used it and have clients that swear by it.   I never fully understood the difference between a creme and a cream.  If you have an idea, let me know.  On to the review. Ingredients: Deionized Water […]

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