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How to Create Hair Salon Quality
Tree Braids and Corn Rows

Imagine…how great you will look and all the money you will save!
Friends will beg you to do their styles.
Whether you’re a stylist wanting to further your skills or…
You are looking for a home-based business or just some extra money…
You too can open the cash flow floodgates with the skills I teach.

tree-braid-dvd Tree Braids 101 Training DVD Step by step lesson that will show you exactly how to create this high demand braiding style, one for which stylists across the United States are consistently being paid $200 to $600!•How to get off to a perfect start by parting properly.•The slip-knot technique!

Special Feature! The industry’s first color-coded lesson, allowing each detail to stand out for you.

Not counting the interview with entrepreneurs and founders of Mixed Chicks, each DVD gives you more than one hour of solid training. You’ll find friendly instruction but no idle chit-chat on these babies. I want you to learn and excel at this and then go out and make the world more beautiful!

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Cornrow 101 DVD Case Cornrows 101 Training DVD• My underrow technique! This is so much easier on the hands and the scalp that I’ve been told I could sell this DVD on that merit alone.• All of the basics you needto get started in the world of braiding, sewing weave tracks and creating in demand hair styling techniques.• Savvy business advice from the founders of Mixed Chicks: Kim Ethridge and Wendi Levy.

• My cornrowing techniques that will bust open the door wide to extensive braiding and weaving techniques!

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Learn from the Highest Quality Training DVD’s

I know that’s a big claim to make, but it’s true. You can rest assured that our training techniques are rated amongst the best in the industry, and our DVDs are produced by professionals who have worked on MTV Films, HBO’s The Wire, LXTV.com, Fast and the Furious and Tokyo Drift.

These training DVD’s bring you down-to-earth, easy-to-follow but high quality instruction in a salon setting. You’ll feel like your sister or best friend is teaching you! That’s because I love teaching and helping other women to look good and to build their skills.

I’ve been styling other’s hair for over 14 years – since I gave my older sister the same braids Janet Jackson wore in Poetic Justice. At 15 I made $10 doing cornrows on my middle school friends and by 19, lets just say I charged a lot more than I did 5 years before.

From Track Stars to Boardrooms, my Clients Inspired me to Raise the Bar!

I came to really appreciate my skills while running track at UCLA. How could I run the same track as Florence “Flo-Jo” Griffith Joyner and others I greatly admire, and not keep my teammates and my hair looking good?

College isn’t cheap, even with a track scholarship, so I was thrilled that word got
around fast and brought me lots of business.

Whether my clients were competing in the Olympic games, the church choir, or the boardroom, they depended on me to make them look for the spotlight…

And so I developed my skills further to produce top quality style.
Fast forward a few years, and joined the global movement that was “Urban Hair Care.” Then came one of those “coincidences”

I met some folks, a chance meeting at a social function, from two established film production companies. My vision of creating high quality instructional hair styling DVD’s was born! It turned out to be a beautiful collaboration, as you will see in my Urban Hair Instructional DVD Series.


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