Debunking Dreadlock Myths

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Dreadlocks Are Not As Dreadful As You Might Believe

Over the many years since dreadlocks made their first appearance in the United States many myths have been spread about them. This article is meant to dispel those myths, so that people will have a better understanding and greater appreciation for the heritage and tradition behind dreadlocks.

  • Dreadlocks are always filthy and dirty; you can’t wash them or keep them clean.

Dreadlocks can and should be cared for as frequently as any type of hair. Washing the hair every few days is sufficient for removing dirt and oil buildup in the locks.

  • Dreadlocks were an invention of the marijuana smoking community because of laziness.

Actually, dreadlocks have been around since time began. There is evidence of dreadlocks have been used among aboriginal Australians, 16th century Spaniards, there is even a Hindu deity who is wearing dreadlocks in images and sculptures.

  • Never combing your hair is how you get dreadlocks.

This is called the neglect method, but most people don’t use this method anymore. There are easy and effective methods available that will give you stylish dreadlocks without causing damage to your hair the way the neglect method would.

  • Dreadlocks cause damage to the hair and the scalp.

Your hair and scalp are not damaged by dreadlocks because the hair starts to form the dreads at least an inch away from the scalp. Dreadlocks do not cause undue strain on the hair; in fact, they actually help protect the hair from the elements.

  • When you don’t want dread locks anymore, you have to shave your head.

The only thing you might have to do when you no longer want to have the dreadlocks, is cut the ends of the dreads off by about 2 inches. Once the ends are cut, it is possible to soak the hair in a conditioning solution or oil treatment, and then comb the dreadlocks out. It is aver time consuming and tedious process, but it isn’t shaving your head. Many people choose to shave their heads after having dreadlocks simply to make a dramatic statement; shaved heads are in essence the exact opposite of dreadlocks.

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