Management and Maintenance of Micro Braids

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African American women, and men have made micro braids one of the most popular hairstyles of today. Many people of other heritage and nationality are choosing to have their done in this unique and beautiful style. Micro braids and other types of braids are especially eye-catching as well as extremely practical for African American hair. However, there are some things you should be aware before you decide on this look for yourself.

Micro braids are minute and very fine and as a result, creating them is incredibly intense. Having them done by a professional is the best course of action. In addition, if the braids are made too tightly they can cause stress to the hair and damage and breakage can result. There are proper and specialized methods that stylists use when doing micro braids.

Before you have micro braids done, your hair should be in the healthiest condition possible. When you visit the braid stylist, he or she will recommend steps you might need to take before micro braids are put in your hair.

Some steps you may need to take before hand:

A hair cut to remove any damaged or split ends.

A hot oil treatment to rehydrate the hair from root to tip.

A regimen of deep conditioning or hair vitamin treatments to enhance the health and condition of the hair.

Some steps to take after the braids are done:

Keep the micro braids and your scalp clean with healthy products specific to your particular needs. Your stylist will be able to assist you in discovering what your needs are.

Keep the hair hydrated with a light leave in conditioner that you can spray on every few days.

Use a light scalp moisturizer to prevent dry skin and irritation.

Follow the suggestions and recommendations made by your braid stylist.

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