Proper Care Instructions for African American Hair

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African hair is quite different from Caucasian hair, or any other type of hair for that matter. While the structure of all hair is essentially the same, some subtle variations within the components of African hair cause it to be more fragile and brittle. Modern science has finally acknowledged this and created products created specifically for African hair.

Routine care and maintenance of African hair is also different than for other people. The following tips listed below will help you achieve and maintain gorgeous African hair that is also healthy.

  • Wrapping your head in a silk or satin like cloth before going to bed will make your hair easier to manage when you wake. This also aids in the prevention of breakage and damage caused by the hair rubbing on a coarse pillowcase.
  • Washing the hair with shampoo is only really necessary once or twice per week. You can use plain water to remove dirt and particles every day, but shampoo is sometimes harsh, and it strips the natural oils from the hair.
  • Only use hair care products designed with African hair in mind. Other products might not contain the best ingredients for African hair structure. African hair tends to be dry, brittle, and delicate.
  • Between shampooing, use a lightweight leave in conditioner as well as a light oil scalp moisturizer. This will help alleviate the itchiness resulting from dry scalp, it will also keep the hair hydrated which enhances the hairs natural health and suppleness.
  • Try to avoid over use of heated styling tools such as straighteners or blow dryers. If you are unable to avoid them completely, give your hair time between treatments to recover and use healthful products to enhance the recovery of strength and moisture.
  • If your hairstyle makes use of braids, be sure to have them done by a qualified stylist to ensure that breakage and damage does not result from the braids being too tight.
  • That goes for having chemical treatments to relax your hair as well. Professional stylists are aware of all the dangers and can help you avoid any potential suffering from a treatment gone bad.

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