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There is a tendency for product manufacturers to use the words natural, organic, botanical, chemical free and of course environmentally friendly on their packaging and in their advertising. Most of us want to use products that will not cause any harm to ourselves or to the world so we buy these products without knowing what they do or really are.

Knowing which product to use is hard enough, should choosing the healthiest one be so difficult? Can we really trust the products we use? Are we really getting our money’s worth? Especially when the so-called biological products cost so much more than the others do.

An honestly organic product is one that only contains ingredients created by nature. Plant, herbal, and flower extracts and essences are what qualify something as being botanical.

The ingredients of any hair care product are listed on the package; if there are words that you do not recognize or can’t pronounce, it probably isn’t a biological element. You have the option of contacting the manufacturer to have the ingredient defined and explained to you. If you were to use a product believing it to be all-natural and it actually wasn’t, your hair or health could be harmed. There is no reason you should have to suffer any hardship due to misinformation.

Products that are safe for you and for the environment are more expensive as a result of the lengthy processes needed to create them. The traditional manufactured products simply combine readymade components with an added element or two to make it more attractive to our eyes and our noses.

Using legitimate botanical, organic, natural hair care products is simply more effective for your hair care needs, more beneficial to the environment, and more cost effective because you don’t have to use so much of them or buy something else to repair damage caused by chemically created products.  

So how would a fashionable, well-informed African heritage consumer find the answers to the questions above? By researching thoroughly any product that he or she might be interested in. Consulting with a stylist who specializes in African hair is the best way to ensure that you are using the right product that meets all of your needs and requirements.

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