The Magic of Maintaining Your Weave

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Having a weave done might seem like an easy solution when you’ve grown tired of the short style or the thin hair you have naturally. However, any African American woman who has ever had a bad weave done on her hair would tell you differently.

There are numerous women of any heritage who might wish she’d known these magic tricks before the damage had been done to their hair.

By following these tips, you can avoid what might turn out to be a bad hair experience.

Choose a weave that will fit your lifestyle. For example, if you are a physically active woman, use a weft that has a texture and style strong enough to stand up to sweat and activity. You don’t want a style that looks terrible after exercise. In addition, some of the synthetic wefts need a lot of manipulation with heated irons or chemical treatments. Those types of wefts don’t fit with an active lifestyle.

When your stylist is placing the weave, allow him or her to show some of your hairline and scalp so that the weave is less noticeable and the style is more realistic.

Comb through your weave every day or brush it out with a soft brush to prevent tangling and matting. Combing will also eliminate the accumulated airborne particles and lint that gather in the oils of African heritage hair.

When washing your head in the shower, do not flip your head upside down in order to rinse. This creates tangles and knots in the weave, and even in natural hair.

When you have your weave put in, make sure the stylist dyes your brows to match the color. If you have your hair color changed, it won’t be attractive to have brows that are not a similar shade.

Never be afraid of your weave, treat it the same as you would your natural hair. Being too worried about washing or combing is only going to make matters worse. If the weave needs to be touched up after a few weeks, visit your stylist and have it done because your style deserves the best care.

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