Tree Braid Maintenance and Tips

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Easy Tricks for Tree Braids

Tree braids are very popular right now in the world of African American hairstyles. Although it is easier to have them done by a qualified stylist, not all of us can afford the cost of visiting a salon. Therefore, if you want to add extensions to your hair on your own using the tree braid method, knowing a few tricks would be helpful.

The first thing you need to know is how to cornrow, because the cornrow braids are what the tree braids will be created from.

Before you start your braiding, wash and condition your hair, then comb a lightweight styling gel through it to help hold the braids.

Section the hair into 3 main sections and clip them apart individually so that the hair does not become tangled and you do not become confused as to what selection of hair goes where. (This is easy to do when doing cornrows)

Start in the middle of the middle section, take a very small section of hair, and divide it to begin a 3-strand braid, pick up the next section from under the opposite side, and add it in from underneath. Repeat and continue for each section. Try to keep the tension uniform throughout the entire process as this will ensure that the braid is even and tight enough to last, without being painful or causing breakage.

The tricks are to work with clean and hydrated hair, to keep the hair damp from start to finish, to use only a light gel for hold, and to take frequent breaks to avoid becoming tired and having sore arms.

To incorporate tree braids into the cornrow style, follow these tricks.

After the first 3 or 4 crossovers, add a small section of hair extension to the under part of the next cross section. Then do a few more crossovers, add another piece of extension, etc. The fewer crossovers between each added section of extension, makes it harder to tell that there are extensions. If you want a chunkier look, take bigger section of both natural and extension hair. Always add the sections to the under part of the crossover, this helps create a more natural look and a firmer braid.

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