Tree Braids Can Take Your Style To New Levels

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Although this style is being hyped as new and unique, it has actually been around for ages. You might be wondering what a tree braid is exactly, and what you might be able to do with it. Tree braids are a method of attaching hair extensions to your existing hair. By implementing what is traditionally known as invisible braiding. For the tree braid method, you would begin with cornrows and introduce the extensions as either loose hair or as pinch braids. The hair extensions can be natural human hair or synthetic hair.

One of the benefits of tree braiding is that you have no need to use any sort of bonding agent such as extension glue. You wouldn’t even have to worry about the potential problems associated with sewing the extension to the hair as you would with a more common weave style. Tree braids are the perfect choice for anyone concerned with the use of chemicals. This style is also ideal for everyone who wants to have a completely flawless look to his or her extensions.

When your stylist has completed the process, it will be virtually impossible to notice the extensions. If he or she has used extensions with a texture and curl pattern similar to your own, the finished style you choose will hide the cornrows completely.

Tree braiding is an extremely time consuming and exacting style, so it is best to have yours done by a professional who is well practiced in the arts of African hairstyles.

Cornrows are the foundation of tree braiding and it is very complicated to work with cornrows if the hair is layered, curly, or of a short length. Moreover, cornrows are tricky to do on your own head, very tiring on the arms and the patience. On the other hand, sitting in a comfy salon chair while a talented professional works with your hair is relaxing, and fun.

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