This section is targeted for those that are currently not generating income or business leads online. You can successfully launch your online venture for less than $500 and if you have sound computer skills we have friends who have started for less than $150.

Tools that all 4 niches need/Pricing Guidelines:

  • Domain Name – A domain name is just what it sounds like. Examples include,, which are all domain names. The shorter the better. A hypen is better than a .net. address. ( vs Because domains are relatively inexpensive consider purchasing many domains. No More than $10 per year. Kristen Lock recommends: (tip: Google Godaddy coupons before you buy any product)
  • Webhosting – This is the “online folder” that holds your website and other files so they can be displayed live on the internet. Hosting comes in many varieties, but the key is customer support. You will have questions and asking a web designer can be costly. A good host should cost no more than $100 per year. Kristen Lock recommends: Web Hosting (get a free domain name as well).
  • Web Site/Blog Design – Ranges $200 – $2500 depending on how intricate your site is. This single step can be the difference between the success and failure of your venture. You should look for value not rock bottom pricing from a designer. I would avoid templates as they are usually cheesy and not very appealing. And if you are going to use a blog, consider using a custom theme to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Anything less than $200 is usually suspect quality. Kristen Lock recommends: We offer web design referrals.
  • Content – Your site will need some basic content. Information for your contact, about us, services, pricing and testimonials are just a few of the pages you should have completed before you begin. Sign up for an elance account. If you need additional content such as an e-book or a manual you should look for a freelance writer. Kristen Lock recommends:, a free service.
  • 800 Number: Having an 800 number is a nice professional touch to reach clients across the country. And this solution is much cheaper than signing up for an additional cellphone. You can have your calls routed to a number of your choice and a great way to keep business related calls seperate from personal calls. Kristen Lock recommends:, plans starting at just $14.99 per month.
  • Business Cards- These are self explanatory but your card should never under any circumstances contain scratched out phone numbers or addresses, and never add the title CEO or president or founder. These terms generally scream new business. Use a term like VP or Senior Account Executive. Kristen Lock recommends: although Office Depot and Staples both offer the business card prinitng services. No more than $50 for custom cards and $30 for templated cards.
  • is a local business’ best friend. I have assisted numerous people in starting online businesses by simply using Craigslist to promote their service. Most Craigslist businesses are not Fortune 500, but if your goal is to simply earn enough income to pay your rent with a side venture, Craigslist works very well. A new site similar to Craigslist is’s Craigslist is free for 99 % of their posting options.