My Story


The concept behind began in 2007 but to get the entire story you would have to travel back much farther. 

I can trace my hair styling roots to my Great Grandmother Casey pictured below (do you recognize the gentleman to the right?), whose style I still admire today. She would share her very own pictures of her beautfiul 1940’s styles and fashions. And she also shared with me pictures of how she styled my mothers hair. In turn my mother styled my hair. As a girl I remember tearing up when my mother’s combs would go snap, crackle and pop on my naturally kinky hair as she tried to style my kitchen.   “You gotta use more spray, it huuurrrttts!”  I knew then I had to learn how to do my own hair or I would be in for a long childhood.


At 14 I styled my first head by giving my older sister the same braids Janet Jackson wore in Poetic Justic.  At 15 I made $10 doing cornrows on my middle school friends and by 19, lets just say I charged a lot more than I did 5 years before.

As a UCLA track and field athlete I was privileged to meet many a fascinating woman whom I called teammates.  I ran on the same track as Florence “Flo-Jo” Griffith Joyner, how could I not keep me and my teammates hair looking good?

As word of my styles spread throughout campus and southern California I began to realize that I had to use my talent to their fullest.  Whether my clients were getting ready to compete at the Olympic games, the NFL or NBA draft, the classroom, the church or in the board room, the women and men who entrusted me with styling their hair for the spotlight depended on me to produce a quality style; I would not let them down.

After years of performing my work on phenomenal women I began to participate in the global movement that was urban hair care.  Whether kinky or straight, natural or processed understanding the work that women undergo to present themselves as beautiful to the world has been one of my life’s undertakings. I don’t advocate using relaxers, but to each her own.

After a chance meeting in Los Angeles with a couple of established film production companies, my vision of creating high quality instructional hair styling DVD’s took form. After seeing the work they had done for some of Hollywood’s best, I knew that we could make a great collaboration. Thus was born the Urban Hair Instructional Series.

With that, I created this site to share with the world my knowledge and learn from other talented stylsit from around the world.  While I am on my journey of success I believe in pushing ahead while pulling from behind.  I hope to inspire entrepreneurs, authors, stylist and you.  I have put together some great tools that can help you as you journey towards success.   As I have developed my style from friends, family, stylist, history books and blogs I think its only fair to share my insights with you.

Thanks for coming to my site.