THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH…….YOUR VIDEOS ARE THE TRUTH!!! OMG!!! SISTAH , I have even prepared to enroll in beauty school within the the next three months. Inspired by your videos and knowledge, professionalism, etc….. I could go on for days! LOL! I’m home and this a great time to go ahead get my license while I have the time. I will be making money doing the tree braids and other styles. Omg, I’m sooooooooooo excited! I definitely like the way you underrow. I can cornrow I just braid what we call regular or overbraid. Your way has such better end result and is much easier for the client’s scalp.

MZ NAE (New York, NY)

I am very impressed with Kristen’s instruction. She was especially engaging and made me feel like I knew her for 10 years. But the biggest surprise came from the quality of the video. I was not expecting such a quality production. Great job Kristen.

AMBER N.(North Hills, CA)

Big up for Kristen! Very good for beginners like me. I learned a lot in a short time. Adding color cooridianted hair was great idea and helped me to visually see what was happening to the hair. A good mix of instruction and personality.

ATTARAH P.(Pasadena, TX)

Hello everyone, My name is Jennifer Acosta, I really want to take the time out to thank Kristen and her team for coming up with such a great DVD and website for people out there that are really looking for and thinking seriously about learning how to braid and style women’s hair as a profession. They have really taken what you can do in a two or three weeks and put it down to an easy to follow video. I really don’t know how they did it especially the color hair demonstrations……I would say they definitely get on their word when they say you will learn how to tree braid after watching the video, just keep practicing… …I don’t mean to keep talking but I’m just so exited that someone finally, you know, is not just trying to rip people off. I just want to thank Kristen for coming up with something that it’s just so great, it’s just pretty amazing to me and I just thank God that you know I finally have the ticket.

Jennifer A. (ATL, GA)

I am so glad that I purchased Kristen Locks’ videos instead of others! The price was right, my videos arrived promptly and the shipping packaging was protective so both the videos were intact when they came. The “Cornrows 101” was phenomenal as it taught a novice how to properly do cornrows step-by-step. But my favorite was the “Tree Braids 101” instructional video. Because of Kristens’ exclusive technique which shows you how to properly place and secure the extensions without causing damage to your natural hair, even a beginner like me can obtain professional looking results at a fraction of the price! Best of all, she takes it one step further by explaining how to CARE and MAINTAIN the style. The customer service was impeccable, and I got to actually ask questions from Ms. Lock, and she hooked me up! Looking forward to your other video instructionals. Whether you are a professional stylist, looking to start your own business, or like me – a single mom with limited time/money but still want to look like a “diva” – GET THE VIDEOS! God Bless,

Jessie (Los Angeles, CA)

I have started braiding my own hair after paying $50 every two weeks to get it done.  I just had too.  I am re-tiring next year and knew that I could not afford the upkeep after that.

Lynn (Dayton, Ohio)

Hello everyone, glad you made it to my site.  I created this site because I have a passion for styling women’s hair but more importantly I want to assist other women and men make their financial ambitions a financial reality.  So, I encourage you to consider picking up my DVD’s, reading my blog, downloading my e-book or looking through my website to learn how you can develop your skills and earning potential.  I know you will grow from what you see and read.  And if you have any ideas, suggestions or comments, drop me a line.